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I haven't been on deviantART for a while and it's kind of annoying me. I check in on my deviantWATCH and favorites of my work and all, but I just haven't been posting. I'm here to give you a little update.

I really haven't done much spriting since I last was on here. Some days I just mess around in Paint and whip something up real quick, but it usually isn't very noteworthy and I don't upload it to dA. What have I been doing instead of focusing my work into sprites? I've tried to take a bold step into the worlds of cartoons, animating, voice acting, and game design.

Specifically cartoons. I'm not doing any "sprite animation series" type things (frankly I find those kind of annoying now, they feel below me - I may continue to make animated sprites, just not big SMBZ-esque productions). I haven't really been able to do any concrete animations, but I have done short tests and they seem alright to me. Right now I'm mainly trying to find my "style" of cartoons in this big world of art, so I just have a lot of unfinished doodles right now. So far I've managed to find inspiration from these people, with examples of their work in the links...

Egoraptor - He shares my love of Mega Man X and his little animated guy is wonderful to look at. He's actually quite successful in the animating world.…

DovahNightmare - For some reason I love his anatomy and the way he draws his people, and the lines are all fun and friendly to make. 

Abdul El-Haj Ibrahim - While it's not really his style that gets me, it's the coloring. I always thought colors without lines was cool, and this really hit home with me.…

Hiimdaisy - Her style is both cute and humorous, plus her sense of humor is almost exactly like mine.…

I could list even more but this journal entry is getting kinda big.

So yeah, those are the people's style's that I'm trying to mix around and fuse together to make something spectacular. As you may have noticed by my little Sam-person (yeah boy, my name's Sam) keeps changing in the deviantID it's because I keep changing my style. I really wanna find one that works well for me.

On the front of voice acting, I've been told by many people that I have an awesome voice. As such, I've decided to take up freelance voice acting in my spare time. Unfortunately, the only place I can record is in a closet (which isn't too bad) with my phone as a mic (which is pretty bad).  I'm trying to get a bigger vocal range so that some day I can actually become part of a project, whether it be just an internet animation or a broadcast cartoon series. As with before, I have a role model for voice acting who I have actually listed before...

Egoraptor - Just listen to this clip and hear his beautiful voice (maybe check out his other cartoons to hear more)… (also his cartoon guy in this clip is pretty awesome too)

I've ALSO tried out some game design. I've planned out characters and stages with pen and paper, written PILES AND PILES of ideas for game mechanics and storylines on my computer, and even delved into Game Maker once in a while. I think I'm starting to get the hang of it, and if I get lucky I could land myself in a company of some sort, even if it's just an indie project. I'm a bit torn for now of what kind of game I would like to make, but it would either be an action platformer ala Mega Man or Mario, or a top-down action game ala the old Legend of Zelda or Secret of Mana series. NOW, as before I have another role model for my game design - specifically the same guy as before (HE'S JUST SO AWESOME I WANT TO BE AN EGORAPTOR WHEN I GROW UP 'KAY?) in his series Sequelitis.

Egoraptor - He's talking about what design choices can break an otherwise good game series.…

TL;DR I'm trying out animating, voice acting, and game design and I'm kind of emulating Egoraptor right now.

SO there you have it. I'm having a particularly busy life and hope that I can somehow return in a big bang of glory, but I'm not quite there yet. Just hang in there and I'll try my best to keep up with life!
Also if you read this far you're an amazing person.
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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Greetings, earthlings. I'm Unknowni, and I'm a digital artist (either pixels or vectors) with a knack for video games. I'm a bit notorious for ditching old work in favor for newer stuff (it's like ADD 'cept for work instead of everything), so just bear with me here. Please.

I have been on DA since August 11 2010.

My main interests are:
- Mega Man (ALL of it)
- Dead Space
- Game Grumps
- Pokémon
- Metroid
- Metal Gear
- Legend of Zelda
- Shin Megami Tensei: Persona
- Dangan Ronpa

I got into spriting when my friend (Luminetime) one day asked me what sprites were, so I checked, and that got me hooked. Go check out his profile: [link] NEVERMIND HE'S GONE WAHAHAHAHAHA

Current Residence: Some tiny city in Canada you've never heard of
Favourite Music Genre: Electronic, Drum n' Bass, Grunge, Dubstep (to an extent)
Operating System: Windows 7 Pro
MP3 Player of Choice: iPod Nano Touch
Favourite Cartoon Character: I guess... Roseluck? (MLP)
First Video Game Played: I forget if it was Super Mario World or Mega Man X...
Personal Quote: Pfft, personal quotes are for people who think they're hot stuff.

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